Sunday, November 9, 2008

08 June "Variety Show"

Grade 5's "Variety Show" Podcast

Maple grove was lucky enough to have a loan of 12 MacBook laptop computers from Apple Canada for 2 weeks. We formed a mini podcast club and met most days to put together podcast segments on any subject for a radio show. This was a small taste of things to come, as Maple Grove is set to receive many more MacBook computers for our very own! You can bet there will be many more student produced shows in the future!
The kids were given some instruction on how to use the technology and they were able to "figure out" and "play" with the technology to produce this "experimental" show. Mr. Else was quite pleased with the students ability to figure out the program "Garageband", and loved the fact that he didn't have to do all the editing for once ;-)

download file

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